Friday, May 16, 2014

Coverblurb: A new writing website

I received an email from The Writers' Cooperative, a writing group I subscribe to. There is going to be a whole new site for freelance writers! The message reads as follows:

"Our Writers’ Co-operative, Writer’s Choice, is putting together – actually our brilliant Sharon Robards is doing it – a rather special website. We’d like to invite writers’ groups like RWNZ or freelance writers to consider using it.

"CoverBlurb is a multi-media social site for readers, authors, and anyone interested in entertainment related to books. We’re interested in anything to do with books and writing presented via various media.

"Our aim is to extend beyond the book and the blurb and to include all media related to any individual title and provide a more personal experience for readers in regards to how books are created, their inspiration, settings and more.

Authors can feature new book trailers, covers, interviews, audio only interviews, and even hold a live video conference with their readers, and if you’re a reader or blogger you can upload video book reviews - or perhaps even your own book trailer for a book you have read if that book is in the public domain and no longer under copyright. You might have a picture with your favourite author or a signed copy of their book. Share the images with others on CoverBlurb.

"Everyone can watch book trailers, reviews, interviews and much more on CoverBlurb. People can see first-hand newly released book trailers, find videos about their favourite books, find books they have never heard of, and gain a more personal insight into each title by authors and their readers interacting with photos and video. The use of CoverBlurb is only limited by your imagination.

Register at the site first, then Sharon will manually approve the registration. In the next few days they will be able to link up their blogs, like happens on Goodreads, and the groups will have more functions added and the galleries etc… promotions and PR will be pushed to coverblurbs Googleplus, Facebook, and twitters pages, and of course on our special Writers’ Choice website."