Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to Recharge Yourself

This is one of the pearls of wisdom that come in the email sometimes. I want to share it with you too.

How to Recharge Yourself

Here are 20 simple ways to wind down and recharge:-

·         Turn off the phone, computer, iPad or TV whenever you can
·         Get into nature as often as possible
·         Get away from noise – take the time to find some silence
·         Be kind to yourself – don’t push yourself to go faster or do more but do encourage yourself to do just the opposite
·         Try to avoid having appointments for a while
·         Give sleep a priority – don’t make it just an afterthought
·         Move – make exercise easy, fun and a daily thing
·         Eat healthily, drink lots of water and avoid too much coffee or alcohol
·         Avoid stressful situations for a while – look after you
·         Don’t multi task – work on doing only one thing at a time
·         Just have some fun
·         Laugh often
·         Take time to breathe deeply and slowly – and don’t rush it
·         Sit or lie on the grass when you can
·         Smile
·         Be grateful for things – think about what you’re grateful for
·         Spend time with people you enjoy or with your pets
·         Read for pleasure
·         Stretch
·         Don’t feel guilty when you’re doing nothing – properly recharging your batteries is 100% essential to keep well and to be able to give out to others.

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