Monday, July 14, 2014


You may have heard of Fiverr, the site where you can buy or sell a service for five American dollars. Services range from graphics & design to advertising and business. For five American dollars, you can buy the gig that a service provider offers, such as drawing your ideas in a cartoon style or optimising your website. Fiverr is what is known as a quick task site, where services providers do small jobs for a fixed sum, and Fiverr is one of the biggest quick task sites in the world. I have bought a gig there myself at one point, and I know a contact who has bought several there too.

Fiverr is so big, in fact, that it has now spawned a New Zealand equivalent, TenUp:
"TenUp works by people offering their services for a fixed price of $10. These services could be as simple as proofreading an essay for someone or as crazy as shaving your head for a fundraising".

So if you want a task done quick and if you don't have much money, or if you want a new avenue to expand your services in, TenUp could be one place for you. And it is home grown, so you are supporting New Zealand economy.

September Showdown: A political junkie's guide to the upcoming election

September Showdown: A political junkie's guide to the upcoming election by John Terris is the latest publication where I have been part of the proofreading and editing team. September Showdown will be launched on 17 July at Naenae Boxing Academy, cnr Treadwell and Sladden Streets, Naenae at 6pm.

Told in the form of letters to John's nephew Basil, it provides insights, tricks of the trade, experiences and advice on the road to Parliament and how to sit your best in a Parliamentary seat while navigating the tricky river of politics. This book is intended to be useful for election hopefuls, particularly as this is election year,  be a very fun tongue-in-cheek read, even for people who are not into politics, and give all readers insights into the operation of NZ politics.

September Showdown retails at $24.95 from bookshops.