Monday, July 14, 2014


You may have heard of Fiverr, the site where you can buy or sell a service for five American dollars. Services range from graphics & design to advertising and business. For five American dollars, you can buy the gig that a service provider offers, such as drawing your ideas in a cartoon style or optimising your website. Fiverr is what is known as a quick task site, where services providers do small jobs for a fixed sum, and Fiverr is one of the biggest quick task sites in the world. I have bought a gig there myself at one point, and I know a contact who has bought several there too.

Fiverr is so big, in fact, that it has now spawned a New Zealand equivalent, TenUp:
"TenUp works by people offering their services for a fixed price of $10. These services could be as simple as proofreading an essay for someone or as crazy as shaving your head for a fundraising".

So if you want a task done quick and if you don't have much money, or if you want a new avenue to expand your services in, TenUp could be one place for you. And it is home grown, so you are supporting New Zealand economy.

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